How can we help you?

We have been working with companies, moving businesses to VoIP telephone services, and transitioning them off older analog phone services. Moving from Verizon and Comcast to Voice over IP services resulted in over 50% savings on their phone bills. Recently the FCC announced new telecommunications regulations requiring telephone companies to give customers at least 6 months’ notice before turning off older analog phone services. We can help your company with transitioning from older analog telephone systems to new Voice over IP solutions that deliver the same quality of service as the current older analog systems.

AT&T and Verizon have confirmed that they plan to discontinue the analog phone service by 2020. The FCC is planning to replace copper with fiber and move their circuit switched networks to fully IP-based platforms. We can provide great quality and value as your provider for business telephone services in Winchester.


In regard to your additional potential needs, our company specializes in data, voice, and video solutions. These solutions include:

·         Cabling for data, voice, and video networks

·         Video conferencing and a/v presentation room installations

·         Hosted business class, voice, and video services

·         Customer premise installed unified communications technology SIP

·         Enterprise I.T. solutions for companies with multiple office locations

·         Managed network and security services

We will match the right services and technology to enable your company to lower your operating costs while enabling higher productivity with our Netmaker team’s business VoIP telephone service. We would be happy to meet with you regarding any of these possible solutions. Our main goal is to familiarize you and our potential customers with the solutions we offer. Contact our business VoIP team to see if we can get involved in your current communication technology projects and assist your company with any of these solutions listed above!