How does VOIP work?

We provide a business VOIP telephone service for the Shenandoah Valley and surrounding areas. After signing up for service, you will receive a VoIP handset which looks just like a standard phone, but connects directly to your router or PC, typically through an Ethernet or USB port. The handset already includes all software necessary to send and receive VoIP calls. It offers a fast and cost-effective way to use Voice over Internet Protocol and generally will save you money in the long run on your monthly bills.

Another option is computer to computer using a Software VoIP Phone, as the term suggests, this involves using software on your computer and an internet connection to contact someone else with compatible software at their computer. If you decide to add this to your VoIP handset, you should keep in mind that your computer will need a microphone, working speakers, a suitable sound card and a fast internet connection. The computer-to-computer option is just that, an option. When you hire us for your telephone services, you can choose the handset and still be pleasantly surprised and get everything you need.

The software can also be put onto any smart phone, allowing you to make business calls right from your personal phone if you are out of the office.