Why Do Businesses Need Wi-Fi 6?

What is WiFi 6?


WiFi 6 is designed to improve speed, increase efficiency, and reduce congestion in heavy bandwidth usage scenarios. Newer, faster devices, high-resolution streaming videos and cloud-based applications all require high bandwidth, low latency and increased capacity to have maximum performance. In order for multiple devices to perform at their best requires businesses to move to the newest standard of WiFi.

It helps businesses overcome these challenges:

  • Coverage and range, especially through walls and in blind spots.
  • Network and per-device speed, especially when adding more devices.
  • Need for faster and easier setup.
  • Need for smooth configuration and firmware updates.
  • Demand for security and access control.
Who Should Consider WiFi 6?


WiFi 6 for Retail

As the technology advances with Point of Sales (POS) devices and the increase in number, so will the need for sufficient bandwidth and total site coverage. These requirements may require an upgrade in the wireless infrastructure to meet those growing new demands.

WiFi 6 for Manufacturing

From AI assembly line robots to autonomous delivery trucks, most or all the of new machinery or IoT will require high bandwidth and capacity. An upgrade to WiFi 6 will meet new requirements and capacity.

WiFi 6 for Healthcare Clinics 

As the healthcare clinic and hospitals moves towards more innovated technologies in x-ray, digital charting, and virtual doctor visits all require a large amount of bandwidth and wireless efficiency. Upgrading to the latest WiFi 6 technology would help ease the high bandwidth demands and expected wireless efficiency.

WiFi 6 for Public Sector

As the public sector become more technologically modernized, the demand for high bandwidth, wireless capacity, and better WiFi efficiency is a more of a requirement. Libraries, city halls, police offices, and the public sector in general are becoming more technologically advanced and reliant on WiFi and will need the bandwidth, capacity, and efficiency that WiFi 6 offers. An upgrade to WiFi 6 would answer majority of the new technology advancements.

WiFi 6 for Finance

As financial companies become more entuned in high bandwidth and zero delay streaming to meet the daily stock market trader demands. An upgrade to WiFi 6 can provide high bandwidth, better efficiency, and provide an increase wireless capacity for the financial market.

WiFi 6 for Non-Profit

The non-profit industries have become more technological. With the increase in digital signage, 4K streaming, and even managing voting booths can require a large requirement in bandwidth and wireless capacity. Upgrading to WiFi 6 can meet the new increase in requirements and future-proof the wireless technology at the same time.

WiFi 6 for Law Firms

As the industry became more prevalent in video conferencing, digital research, and cloud-based applications, law firms required WiFi to have faster bandwidths and better efficiency. Upgrading to WiFi 6 checks off all the new requirement boxes and also future proofs the WiFi service for years to come.

WiFi 6 for Hospitality

Due to the huge demand in technology and internet connectivity, the older or legacy WiFi systems incur slow bandwidth, lack of device connectivity, and a less secure internet connection. An upgrade to WiFi 6 with hospitality can meet the growing demands for connectivity across all the technology and devices that the industry depends on.

WiFi 6 for Houses of Worship

Houses of worship increasingly depend on having great network connectivity, whether to help the worship team make sure everything runs smoothly, or to improve the congregation’s experience. Above all, connectivity needs to be reliable, simple, affordable and reach every corner of the site. The latest in wireless technology meets all those needs.

WiFi 6 for Education

We see an increase in video streaming, online classes, and other internet-based instruction. These require a huge demand in bandwidth and capacity, which the older and legacy WiFi technologies, cannot always meet. Future-proofing the schools or institutions with WiFi 6 will greatly increase the ability of being ready for the high demand in bandwidth and also a part of the digital revolution.


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