Netmaker Communications offers expert Radio Frequency (RF) technology engineering for the deployment of business class Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) solutions. To ensure WLAN deployments can offer the same quality of service and security that your wired LAN supports requires careful planning, skilled RF engineering, and reliable wireless technologies. Our experienced engineers and technology partners have what is required to turn-key broadband enabled WLAN solutions for your business campus locations using industry best practices that include completing necessary site surveys and site readiness checklists. Netmaker Communications has partnerships with both Comcast Business and Shentel Internet Service Providers to extend their high-speed Internet connections over Netmaker Communications designed and fielded WLAN solutions.

If your business is in a location currently only served with old twisted pair copper from the telephone company, call us today to see what the possibilities are for delivering high-speed Broadband internet access to your location. Our WLAN solutions can support data throughputs up to 1 GB/s depending on distances between antennas.

The following photos are installations we have done to provide WLAN Services.