Cybersecurity Services

Our cybersecurity services are designed to meet all your organization’s cyber and information security needs, from providing training and vulnerability testing and remediation, creating and implementing security policies, to providing incident response to cyber-attacks.

Our cybersecurity solutions service any size organization to secure all of your systems, network architectures, and scenarios. We have the experience your business needs to protect valuable data today, and into the future. Our cyber team has 21 years of combined technology, experience includes Digital Forensics, Incident Response, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Training, Social Engineering. Our team possess industry standard certifications, and frequently compete at hacking and security conferences.

What does our cybersecurity services include?

Training and Exercises: Company-wide cyber awareness and Social Engineering (SE) training tailored to the specific organization and scaled for semi-annual and annual review. Part of our training includes SE exercises, which test infrastructure security from multiple angles and ways.

Zero Trust Implementation: Utilizing the government standard called Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA), we lockdown your network by making sure all traffic is verified and trusted. We specialize in the following two environments:

  • Office 365 (O365)
  • Microsoft Azure

Vulnerability Testing and Remediation: We test your network for potential vulnerabilities and provide remediation if any are found. Testing includes network scans and penetration testing (i.e., ethical hacking).

Standard Operation Procedure (SOP): We provide security SOPs such as password management and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) polices, which will help improve overall security.

Security Risk Management (SRM): SRM consists of assessing, managing, and monitoring of infrastructure in accordance with NIST SP 800-37 – Risk Management Framework (RMF) and NIST SP 800-53 – Security and Privacy Controls. This involves the creation of System Security Plans (SSPs) tailored for each organization, which falls under NIST 800-171.

SOC: Proactive 24/7 network monitoring for potential threats and attacks (e.g., malware, ransomware, brute force attacks, etc.).

Risk Assessment Consultation: Reviewing current security posture and provide guidance to current technical team.

Incident Response (IR): Immediate remediation assistance following a cyber-attack. o IR includes, but is not limited to: locking down and quarantining infrastructure; recovering network; implementing proactive security settings/monitoring; and incident reporting.

Federal Government Authority to Operate (ATO) Package: Prepare for clients required cybersecurity documentation required for submission to gain an ATO on DoD and DHS Federal networks.