DOD UC Summit 2017

On January 11th, we had the pleasure of holding a DOD UC Summit meeting at Shenadoah University for a full day of presentations given by speakers representing their company. We had 18 guests show up to listen to the presentations and it was a great experience for everyone. We were pleased to have Mr. Richard Shockey representing SIP Forum, Mr. Richard Travis representing Genband, Mr. Todd Walter (and accompanying him, Denyse Raynor & Jim Wakefield) representing Teradata, Mr. Joe Weeden representing MetaSwitch, Mr. Seth Noone & Mr. Burke Daidy representing Broadsoft, Mr. Louis Schmuckler (accompanying him, Mickey Pletcher) and Mr. Burton Patton representing Patton Electronics. As time was limited for everyone to share, we provided folders with CD’s showing the full presentations that were delivered so that the guests had the pleasure of looking at the rest of the slides that were not able to be talked about. As a gift to the speakers for taking time to set up a presentation and speak for our guests we engraved a glass apple trophy with their company names as a sign of appreciation. Winchester, Virginia is known as “apple country” so we thought an apple would be appropriate for the appreciation gifts. We are very grateful for this opportunity and are looking into holding another Summit this summer at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.