SMS Phishing Is Even More Insidious Than Email Phishing

Most people spend a lot more time looking at their phones than at their desktop screens. Cyber-criminals know this, and they’re increasingly targeting their victims through SMS phishing, or “smishing.” “SMS” stands for “short message service” and is the technical term for the text messages you receive on your phone. In smishing attacks, criminals use […]

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What is Phishing?

Over the past decade, cyber-attacks have become much more prominent and vicious than ever before. Phishing isn’t the only type of cyber-attack, but it is one of the most common. What exactly do these attacks entail? How can you avoid them? Today, we’re going to cover what phishing is and how you can protect your

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How VoIP Saves You Money

Business VoIP systems have become increasingly popular over the past decade due to the advances in the technological industry and the rising costs of maintaining older analog phone technology. The FCC is requiring that the old copper dial-up technology be retired by commercial telephone companies by the summer of 2025. With the sum of these

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Why Choose Netmaker Communications?

It’s no secret that the telecommunications, information technology, and cyber security industries have grown immensely over the past two decades alone. That said, it’s absolutely essential to work with a company that remains up-to-date with these changes and can provide the best services and knowledge to ensure your business doesn’t fall behind.  Keep reading to

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5 Reasons We LOVE VoIP

We LOVE VoIP and are confident that you will too once you learn more about it!  First things first, what is VoIP? It stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and in simple terms, it’s a phone service that allows people to place phone calls over the internet. There are SO many reasons to love VoIP,

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