Is My Business Safe From a Cyber Attack?

Cyber-attacks can infiltrate your business and cause losses that you might not be able to recover from. To ensure this never happens to you, it is essential to have proper security methods in place to keep your business safe. 

What signs indicate your business might be vulnerable to a cyber-attack? Below are five indicators that your business might be at risk.

Do your systems crash regularly? 

If your programs go from working with no problems to constant crashes, there is a good chance that they are under cyber-attack. Technical issues could cause the occasional computer crash from time to time; however, it can also result from an active malware attack.

To be safe, work with a trusted professional to inspect your overall system and security posture and see if there are any red flags. 

Do you experience constant pop-ups?

More often than not, you should never trust pop-up windows. They most likely contain a suspicious link containing embedded malicious code that will automatically download onto your computer. It’s essential to avoid these suspicious pop-ups when you are visiting websites. 

Do your employees receive suspicious emails?

Believe it or not, phishing is one of the top tricks for hackers to access your computer and phone. The most common information gathered is banking, social media, and computer login credentials. To combat these attacks, avoid clicking on links in emails that redirect to websites seeking credentials and report these targeted emails to your IT/security teams.

Social engineering training plays a vital role in awareness and warning employees against opening attachments from unauthorized or unknown senders. There are many different ways hackers try to gain information via email, making it essential to inform and train your colleagues accordingly. 

Do you only have one authentication step?

NIST and CISA recommend that organizations implement Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) / Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to combat hackers from stealing login credentials. This is critical as hackers can access your information within seconds when passwords are the only authentication step you have in place.

Implementing 2MFA/MFA provides your business with an extra layer of security that protects against this vulnerability, even if someone figures out your password. Including SMS verification, phone calls, and single-use codes/token, will make your login credentials less susceptible to a cyber-attack. 

Is your technology up to date?

System updates and patches are being sent out daily for organizations to stay protected. Using outdated technology, software and programs give hackers an advantage to gain access to your computer and overall network. It is essential to install updates and patches as soon as they’re available and replace older systems with newer ones.

To secure your infrastructure, the first step is simply being aware of your organization’s vulnerabilities and current cyber threats and attacks. Seeing that you’re here means you’ve come to the right place and understand the importance of incorporating cyber security into your business! 

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