5 Reasons We LOVE VoIP

We LOVE VoIP and are confident that you will too once you learn more about it! 

First things first, what is VoIP? It stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and in simple terms, it’s a phone service that allows people to place phone calls over the internet. There are SO many reasons to love VoIP, and believe us, we struggled to narrow the list down. That being said, here are our top five reasons for loving VoIP.

The Cost-Effectiveness

It’s safe to say nearly everyone enjoys saving money. By investing in VoIP, you’re able to save because your business isn’t charged by minutes per call like a phone plan, but rather as one monthly charge from your Internet Service Provider. 

VoIP also makes your billing a piece of heart-shaped cake. By switching to a VoIP with us, all services, including telephone lines, are one easy-to-understand invoice. The total monthly costs of a hosted VoIP telephone system do not have to be deciphered, assembled, or calculated. 

Lastly, VoIP phones run on the same cables as business computers, so there’s no need to spend money on separate telephone wires throughout the office. Now you can take that money you saved and spend it on some Valentine’s Day goodies! 

The Equipment

If you’re using an on-premise system, you’re most likely required to use a telephone that works with that system alone. However, a VoIP system uses equipment from industry vendors, giving you more flexibility and the chance to save even more. As a bonus, these vendors, such as Polycom and Yealink, tend to have more availability as well. 

The Easy Configuration + Features 

We all know how much technology has changed over the years. Older, outdated phone systems often require users to program the system through the telephone display using a dial pad.

A hosted VoIP makes configuration less complicated by providing a browser interface to set up the system and user options instead.

As we mentioned, technology has changed quite a bit recently, and a standard telephone system/equipment can’t seem to keep up with the monthly, weekly, or even daily changes. Because VoIP is software-driven, you will constantly have access to new features and functionalities.

The Accessibility

For those who work in sales or with external clients regularly, missing a call can mean missing out on a great opportunity. By using VoIP, you’re able to connect your extension to your cell phone. That way, you never miss an important call if you’re away from your desk (especially if it’s about those Valentine’s Day reservations)!

Over the past couple of years, many of us have become accustomed to a remote working environment. Whether you’re switching offices, moving, or going on a trip, you’re able to take your phone with you. All you need to do is plug your phone into a business-grade Internet connection, and your VoIP makes sure you’re all set!

The Simplified Fixes + Analytics 

We all know technology is great when it’s working, and not so great when it decides to stop working. Rather than trying to get in touch with IT or customer service for your older phone system, your VoIP hardware is centrally managed and serviced in the cloud, meaning a quick fix for you so you can get back to work. 

Speaking of work, who doesn’t love simplified data? A VoIP system tracks your data for you and provides timely analytics that can help your business improve. For example, if you work in customer service, you can see inbound call volume by the hour and schedule accordingly. 

As everyone focuses on Valentine’s Day and how it’s important to fulfill the needs of your loved ones, it’s essential to fulfill the needs of your business as well. Located in Winchester, VA, Netmaker Communications, LLC is here for you and all of your VoIP Service needs. 

We have a variety of VoIP packages and equipment for you to choose from and we’d love to answer any questions you might have. Contact us today to get started!