How to Prepare Your Business for a Cyber-Attack

In this day and age, it’s extremely common to hear about businesses experiencing a cyber-attack and individuals falling victim to a security breach. As technological abilities advance, so do hackers’ skills to break down walls.

There are a number of ways to tell if you or your business are safe from experiencing a cyber-attack, but how can you know for sure?

First things first, what even is a cyber-attack?

A cyber-attack is an unsolicited attempt to gain, steal, expose, and/or destroy information that has been retrieved through unauthorized access to a computer system. These attacks can cause an insurmountable amount of damage to corporations in many different ways, from shutting down systems and causing downtime, to losing important data or funds that help the company run efficiently.

There are various types of cyber-attacks, but two of the most common include hacking and phishing. While they have the same end goal of stealing information, compromising your infrastructure and leaving your organization grasping to recover, these attacks are executed differently. 

What is Hacking?

Hacking is exploiting devices (i.e., computers, tablets, servers, etc.) and vulnerabilities within a network infrastructure often by brute force. This is done to steal data and/or exploit an organization/individual.  

They accomplish this by using either sheer technological force or more complex methods, depending on the target of the hacker(s). The more complex the network/device, the more thought-out and sophisticated the attack could be.

What is Phishing?

Instead of using force or technical exploits, phishing, a form of Social Engineering, attacks the logical and psychological of a person to gain access to data (i.e., login credentials, credit card information, etc.). In a phishing attempt, hackers often disguise themselves as a familiar source to trick you into responding with said data, clicking a link that’ll redirect you to enter sensitive information.

If your employees are not properly trained on cybersecurity and social engineering, it can be incredibly easy for them to fall victim to a phishing scam.

How to Prepare for a Cyber Attack

So, how can you adequately prepare for a cyber-attack or attempt to avoid them altogether?

Working with one of the top IoT companies in the Winchester, VA area is a start. Netmaker Communications will not only protect your company from these attacks, but also train you and your employees accordingly. Our cyber security services are designed to meet your organization’s safety and information security needs, no matter how big or small.

We offer a variety of cybersecurity services, such as training, testing, risk assessment consultation, and incident response, to name a few. But what exactly do these services entail?

  • Training and Exercises – We implement company-wide training tailored to each individualized company, including SE exercises that test the company’s infrastructure security from multiple points.
  • Vulnerability Testing and Remediation – We test your network for vulnerabilities and provide advice and corrections if any are found.
  • Risk Assessment Consultation – We review what security you currently have in place and suggest improvements.
  • Incident Response (IR) – We provide immediate assistance if a cyber-attack occurs, from locking the infrastructure to recovering all data and increasing security protocol.

If you’re looking for cybersecurity or IoT consulting services around Winchester, VA, you’ve come to the right place! With over 20 years of combined experience, our cybersecurity team makes us one of the best in the area. Start by getting a quote today to protect your company from future attacks.