Should My Business Use the 3CX Phone System?

Remote work has completely shifted the landscape for business communication, both internally and externally. We’ve been introduced to different communication platforms which all require different logins, apps to download, systems to learn, and so on.

But what if all of these platforms were combined into one? Luckily, the 3CX Phone System makes this possible. 

What exactly is the 3CX Phone System?

3CX is a cloud-based business communication tool that was redesigned to cater to the remote workplace lifestyle. It includes useful features for your business, such as VoIP phone calls, video conferencing, live website chat, and more. It can also integrate with systems such as Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams, and even SMS texting. 

While some have claimed that the initial set-up can be slightly cumbersome, the savings alone make 3CX worth it, with some users saving up to 80% on telecommunication costs. It’s an incredibly easy way to manage an open platform that allows users to choose their own cloud provider, hardware, and so on.

So, what exactly does a 3CX Phone System consist of?

3CX Phone System Features

  • Video Conferencing permits video conferencing for 25-250 participants. Due to integration capabilities, meeting guests can join no matter where they are without downloading 3rd party apps or logging into a different platform.
  • Live Chat allows your team to provide real-time support to website visitors and turn them into customers. By selecting one-click video or voice calls, consumers can experience face-to-face communication about products and get information much more easily, prompting them to buy sooner. 
  • Call Management includes features such as customizable call routing, estimated wait times, priority queuing, automatic callbacks, and so on. This not only helps employee productivity, but also increases customer satisfaction.
  • Call Forwarding directs calls from business numbers to employees’ personal phones, which ensures shorter wait times for consumers and increases their chance of connecting with a live agent. 

  • Business SMS protects employees from sharing their personal number by allowing them to send SMS texts to consumers and clients from their business number instead. All agents also have access to a queue system that shows incoming messages, which helps increase customer satisfaction and decrease wait time for responses to their inquiries. 
  • Remote Collaboration lets users connect to calls on any device without needing to download an additional app, making both internal and external calls much simpler. 
  • Integrations make everyone’s lives easier. Integrations include social media platforms such as Facebook Messenger, CRM systems like Salesforce, and office tools such as Microsoft Teams. The 3CX phone system allows multiple platforms to communicate with one another, making for better communication and data integration.

So, should my business use the 3CX Phone System?

In short, yes. 3CX allows you and your employees to work productively from anywhere with one system that includes video, voice, live chat, and instant messaging. It simplifies both internal and external communication with easy integrations and no additional downloads.

The 3CX Phone System is the future of communication systems. Not only does it help your employees stay productive with easy access from anywhere, but it also provides substantial cost savings for your business. Your customers will be nothing short of satisfied as you field their requests via Facebook Messenger, SMS text messages, or online chat through your website. For easier access for your employees, they can download apps for either iOS or Android for free.

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