VoIP and 911

One of the issues being wrestled with by the FCC is how to govern 911 requirements in a Voice over IP (VoIP) environment. Recently, the FCC conceded that VoIP end instruments were not reliable enough to guarantee a 911 call, and then elected to focus on the reliability requirements of Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) […]

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DOD UC Summit 2017

On January 11th, we had the pleasure of holding a DOD UC Summit meeting at Shenadoah University for a full day of presentations given by speakers representing their company. We had 18 guests show up to listen to the presentations and it was a great experience for everyone. We were pleased to have Mr. Richard

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Department of Defense UC 2.0

In response to the large number of requests received to publish a follow-up on my last post, I am posting this in response. With my last post I hit on the multiple issues that represent real world roadblocks to seeing Unified Communications (voice, video and collaboration) being successfully rolled out within the Department of Defense

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TDM Telephony vs. VoIP

As many vendors of legacy TDM telephony technology end their support for classic End Office and PBX solutions, customers are faced with the challenge of deciding what their transition strategy is going to be and how much is it going to cost. With flagship TDM companies like Nortel and Lucent no longer in the voice

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Security Considerations for UC

When engineering a Unified Communications solution for any enterprise, the issue of security has to be baked in from the beginning. Many commercial users of Unified Communications are not aware that their telecommunications experience is often being carried over the public internet in the clear for any hacker to tap into. Spoofing SIP packets is

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