Why Email Phishing Is So Dangerous

Email Phishing Is So Dangerous Because It Targets the Mind Instead of The Machine  During the past several months, the world has witnessed a spike in email-phishing occurrences—cyber-attacks designed to exploit vulnerabilities naturally inherent in human psychology.  Hackers began using the term phishing in the mid-nineties to describe a kind of “email angling”—sending out masses

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What is Phishing?

Over the past decade, cyber-attacks have become much more prominent and vicious than ever before. Phishing isn’t the only type of cyber-attack, but it is one of the most common. What exactly do these attacks entail? How can you avoid them? Today, we’re going to cover what phishing is and how you can protect your

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How VoIP Saves You Money

Business VoIP systems have become increasingly popular over the past decade due to the advances in the technological industry and the rising costs of maintaining older analog phone technology. The FCC is requiring that the old copper dial-up technology be retired by commercial telephone companies by the summer of 2025. With the sum of these

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